The Effect of Sugared Water on Plants

The Effect of Sugared Water on Plants

Now everyone wants to tell you what to do with your water or your plants and you have got to use distilled water or sugar water, put aspirin in your water but the theory on this is prefered fresh water as opposed to Kool Aid any day although Kool Aid is pretty good with the plants and flowers .
It is better to change out the water every two days and cut the stems on your cut flowers than to add the sugar water because the sugar is just stopping the water from going stale and so in the end you don't want to give your guest water that has been sitting out for a few days but you don't want to give your plants and your flowers water that has been sitting out or has some artificial ingredients added so it is found that sugar water is great because it does have that sugar water that sometimes sustains your flowers a little bit longer.
In the end cutting the stems a few inches and adding fresh water every couple days is going to make your flowers last longer than anything else that you can do and just by leaving them in the basement or in the garage wherever it is cooler and you'll find that your flowers will last a lot longer in the end that way too. So there really is no need to add sugared water to your flowers because in the end fresh water is all they want."
Sugar Water Effect Plants.


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